February Meditation Retreat

The RMIT Buddhist society will be holding a 3-day meditation retreat from Friday 10 to Sunday the 13th of February. This will be held at our Centre in Ascot Vale, at 39 Sandown Road. A simple daily schedule is followed which starts with a 7am rise and includes groups sitting periods, break periods, a session of chi-kung in the earlier part of the day (to help people be physically more comfortable), and a brief morning and evening Dharma talk. On Friday we aim to start at around 9am but understand if people can’t make it until after work hours. Retreat ends about 9pm Sunday night. We will be taking care of all cooking duties to ensure participants can dedicate as much time to practice as possible. 
Make sure to bring suitable clothing and personal items such as toiletries, toothbrush, towel, etc. If you are vegetarian or have special needs please let us know. You can catch the 57 tram route and get off at stop 31 [Melways page28, H12). Donations are welcomed.
The only prerequisite that Sifu Tim has set is that people have attended in person or listened to a full 6-week introductory Dharma talk series, which can be downloaded from our website (link below). This is to prevent confusion and ensure people have a basic understanding of how Buddhist metaphysics and ethics relates to the practice and how the practice relates to the everyday and mundane. This means people are less likely to get lost or practice methods that do not lead to liberation.
If you wish to attend the retreat, or part thereof, please contact us via this email or on 0417315703 (Steve). Confirmation of attendance is handy as that way we will be able to properly prepare sleeping quarters and food. And likewise, if you need more info just let us know.

Update Complete.

So, we have finally finished changing platforms and updating our website.
Check out the download section for new mantras, ebooks and Dharma talks, which are all available for free. We will continue to add to these on a regular basis. Feel free to notify us if you have any suitable Dharma material that we can add to our lists. Also stay tuned to the events section to keep up to date with our on-going and one-off events.

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Greetings! The RMIT Buddhist Society is currently upgrading their website. It will be up and running shortly.

If you were interested in any downloads, recorded Dharma talks, or ebooks feel free to contact us via rmit.buddhistsociety@yahoo.com to make a request and we can pass you a download link.

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